Spare Cycles

Thoughts when I have them, none when I don't.

About Me

I’m David. (Photo by termie)

It's me!

I used to be a rocker. My brother and I have also put together our share of tunes.

Ben Zephyr

Now I spend most of my time developing software in the San Francisco startup scene. Currently, I’m working on fixing democracy with Votizen.

I’m an active member of the Django community. It’s my weapon of choice for web development. I keep the things I tinker with on github.

I really care about alternatives to copyright. You should donate to Creative Commons and the EFF.

I like good chocolate and good coffee. I have been known to travel with a personal stash of both. If you run into me, ask me for some. (Fair warning: it’s addictive stuff!)

I prefer to get around by bike, and I fully support the great work being done by the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition.

I love my amazing wife, I love God, and I love my city. Ask about any and you’re likely to get an earful.